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Although I have been working for over 10 years as both a freelance and full time
designer - throughout my life I have always held the greatest appreciation for
design and art. I love to take in all the elements of a situation - colors, shapes,
textures and other graphic elements that brings something amazing to life.

I love to see happiness in a client or co-worker, and I am firm in my belief that nothing feels better than immersing myself in my work and succeeding in creating something
from nothing. I have continuously set the highest standards and goals for myself while being aware that there is always something new to learn and something wonderful to create. Over the past few years I have worked continuously on my web and graphic design skills while learning new things such as video production. I'm confident in my abilities, and highly organized in my approach to my work. 

I will always be the passionate, creative, motivated, enthusiastic designer I have been throughout my career. I feel I’ve been graced with one life and will live it to the fullest. Some of my other plans are to continue traveling around the world, devote more time
to painting and live a clean healthy and fullfilling life.

evamarie print portfolio